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   I’ve put this off long enough, prompted by a range of influences from subtle to in my face, I’m off on the quest to figure out how to build this website.  And, if you’ve had any experience in this arena, you can understand its position on the list of things to do.  I’m sure, like life it will be a continually evolving process, but hopefully in the not too distant future this site will help you in some way.

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4 Responses to Welcome to my website

  1. Coreen says:

    Good job

  2. Teri Gault says:

    It’s about time, “Medicine Man”!
    You’ve been my main DR since 1988! You immediately cured me of a lifetime of endometriotis, mono in my liver for over 20 years, insomnia, chronic sinus infections, and the list goes on. LOVE you!

  3. I love the new website. Congratulations.
    When I met you for the first time a few years ago, I had no energy and I was getting sick all the time. I needed help. You told me what to eat and gave me a personalized formula of herbs, and within a few weeks I was starting to feel normal again. After a few months I had all the health and energy I needed. Now I’m a regular. And I couldn’t imagine meeting all the demands of my life without my monthly dose of Chinese Medicine. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  4. Grace Leland says:

    I am 70 years old. If it wasn’t for dr joe I would be dead. My first visit was in 1995 when I lost the use of my left arm. The pain was so bad all I could do was cry. The doctors called it frozen shoulder and bursitis. My condition was permanent, they said, and I would never be able to use my arm again. Since I was getting menstrual periods, at that time, that lasted 30 days instead of 4 or 5, I was informed that a hystorectomy was necessary. I do not like surgery. I do not like medications. I do not like the side effects that result from medications and surgery. Dr. Joe’s Chinese herbal formulas caused my body to heal itself without the surgeries and the medication.

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