Sciatic Pain


About two years ago I was suffering from continuous sciatic pain that ran from my right hip to my ankle.  I had been to a neurological surgeon who told me that I had four herniated discs.  In the after taking pain medications, antiinflammatories and having two epidermal injections in my spine, I had experienced no relief.  The pain which had lasted over four months made it difficult to sleep, sit up, drive a car or do any exercise.

I was referred to Dr. McSweyn by a friend.  After one visit, I experienced a great deal of relief.  I was able to drive again without much pain.  After my second visit I was virtually pain free.  By doing a simple exercise which she showed me called the cobra, I have continued to be almost pain free.  I say almost because I have overdone it a few times and had my back stiffened up.  But I have not had the sciatic pain.

I recommended many of my coworkers and others to Dr. McSweyn.  They’ve all had excellent results.

Thank you Dr. McSweyn for all you do.      Sincerely

                                                                        Rich Cowan

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