Breakfast 3

This is a breakfast.  On the left, is a small potato diced and seasoned cooked at low heat with olive oil on a griddle made of cast iron.  They sit on top of a half of an avocado.  Vegetables on the right are…. Half of a red bell pepper, third of a sweet onion, shanghai Bok Choy and one ear of corn sliced off the cob.  Just enough olive oil so nothing sticks in a cast iron skillet with ½ of a natural chicken sausage thinly sliced so your mouth thinks it’s eating more meat than it actually is.  Add the juice of ½ of a lime and cover so it steams and fries at the same time.  After a minute or two add one egg, and cover.  I like them over medium.  The egg is buried under the vegetables in the picture.

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  1. Pam Heist says:

    Your breakfast examples look and sound great. I am looking forward to seeing your lunch and dinner meals as well.

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