A long time ago a patient of mine, that I hadn’t seen in years, brought me a friend that needed some help.  Which, by the way, is how I get most of my patients.  Sometimes they come in kicking and screaming and sometimes they’re happily along for the ride. 

   During the course of the visit my original patient reminded me that I cured her endometriosis.  I know how painful that condition can be so I understood how much it must have meant to her to have the condition disappear. Because I’m a more visually oriented person I remember my patients a lot more as people, rather than the complaints that brought us together. I thought that was a pretty nice sentiment and decided to put it as the dedication in a book of testimonials I had been thinking of starting, and that interaction inspired this opening comment that is on the inside coverleaf ……..


Take a page and let someone else know how this medicine has helped you.  I look forward to reading them because I see my patients so much more as people than the conditions that brought us together, that I often forget the original complaints, which is good because they should be a part of our past.



   I set this section up so that you could see the photo of the testimony.  And because some handwriting is more difficult to read than others, I wrote out what I believe my patients wrote.  Feel free to add corrections in your comments.

   I want to thank all of the patients that took the time to write these testimonials.  I feel that blowing your own horn isn’t appropriate.  Bragging has negative connotations attached to it for me because I’m suspect when I encounter someone that sounds like a snake oil salesman or barker. There’s an old saying that says “if it sounds too good to be true it probably is” I understand that’s not always the case but I know it has a higher likelihood of probability. I also believe it’s unlawful for me to say that I can treat or cure any disease or condition. My patients can say anything they want, and they have. Hmm… why is it OK  to let my patients brag for me? Because they’d do it beautifully….


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  1. Lon Cohen says:

    For many years I was a smoker (Marlborough, pack-a-day).. I have always been athletic and knew that it was destroying my lungs, but for the life of me, I couldn’t quit. I tried everything but the hooks were in so deep, nothing worked. Dr. Joe has been a friend of mine for many years and one day I called him up and he told me to come into his office and bring my cigarettes with me. When I arrived to his office, I saw a collection of cigarette packs lined up in the window sill. He took my pack and placed it on the sill with the others and said, “OK, I’m going to give you a treatment and then we are going out for a beer”. I thought… are you crazy?? This would be sabotage! But he assured me with a wry smile and sure enough, an hour or so later we were sitting in a bar having a cold one and guess what?? No urge to smoke!!! No urge at all!!! It was miraculous! I don’t know how or why, but I know it worked. So, when you’re ready to quit (and I mean READY… you have to really want it).. call Dr. Joe. He’ll fix you up real good!! LC

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