Chronic Fatigue


   I started coming to Joe for chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS, Epstein Barr, Etc.) Late in 1994.  I had been everywhere else and tried everything else with no success. (for years).  I also had Candida yeast everywhere.  He healed me!  But the beginning of 1996 I was free and clear on all counts.  I felt like a different, new person!  I came back in 1999 after thrashing myself with the Atkins high dairy/meat diet and a round of antibiotics for strep throat.  Again, Dr. Joe did his thing and I was free and clear by October!

    Dr. Joe’s a miracle from god in my life.

   Now I come back after having babies to get tonics and when I get bad flu’s or sinus infections.  It’s amazing!

                               Jennifer Schmus