Abdominal Pain, Weight

                                   Jan 19, 2000

    In Sept. I saw Dr. Joe for the 1st time.  I was in extreme pain throughout my intestinal tract.

   After two months of herbs, zero sugar or whole wheat I was feeling much better.  In fact it’s the best I’ve felt in over 20+ years.

   I have a lot more energy also.  But the added bonus, was I lost a lot of weight.  I didn’t even realize it but a couple of days before thanksgiving I noticed my pants were too big.  I went to Ross and found lots of clothes to fit.  I have been a tight size 14 and now I’m a petite 10!!!

   Health, energy, better attitude, & look great, and a funny caring Dr./friend – what more could one ask for.

   Peace, joy, health, love and a great century to you.

                                                               Rita Bagely

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