Stomach Problems, Frequent Colds, Fatigue, Weight


The day I first met Joe was the beginning of a better life.  I came to see him about a stomach condition which would constantly render me unable to live my normal life.  Western medicine had only presented pills for the pain as a solution… never a cause for the problem.  It was then that I paid a visit to Joe.  Through herbal treatments and proper nutrition that Joe provided,  I left all my stomach ailments behind.  The change in diet has also increased my energy and help to suppress the frequency and severity of any colds I get (use to get them quite often.  They are now a rarity.) I’m also 20 pounds lighter now that my diet is so much better.

   I’ve been coming to see Joe ever since.  It’s been six years and I’ve never felt better.  I’m not a sick person by nature and don’t have a story about an amazing miracle cure.  All I know is that Joe has vastly improve my health and continues to do so.

   The world would be a better place (and a healthier one!) If they were more people like Joe.

   Thanks for everything, Joe.           Eric Webbelsman

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