Fibroid Tumor


Joe has been taking care of me for almost five years.  I first came to him after suffering a year with severe migraines and intense dizziness.  I had every test possible and was given no answers as to why I was suddenly suffering from these migraines.  All the doctors would do was medicate me which I hated and would only knock me out.  Thankfully, after a year my brother said that if I was tired of western medicine he had an alternative and that alternative was of course, Dr. Joe.  I said that I was willing to do anything.  So I met Joe for the first time and he preceded to diagnose me within minutes.  Needless to say he not only cured the headaches and dizziness but also helped me to eliminate the asthma I had since childhood and the arthritis I was starting to feel in my knees.  Through the years he has always taken care of the flu’s, allergies, back injury due to a car accident and much more.  The biggest miracle came this last year.  I had a uterine fibroid tumor the size of a grapefruit that was can continuing to grow and the head of gynecology at Kaiser told me that most likely that most likely the removal of the fibroid tumor would mean a hysterectomy.  All her other options were pretty bleak or would leave me unable to have children which was not an option for me so I turned this health issue over to Joe and he truly delivered again!  After one year of Chinese herbs to shrink the fibroid I went in to get an ultrasound to see the progress & lo & behold my fiber it is now the size of 2 cm (from the size of a grapefruit!!).  So this is why I have referred dozens of my friends and family to Dr. Joe.  I wouldn’t trust anyone else to take care of me.

   He has also been incredibly flexible and willing to see me when my schedule allows and you can find many doctors willing to do that.  He’s also a cool guy and a lot of fun to schmooze with.

   Take my word for it

     Miriam Chankin