Chronic Bladder Infections

                                                                  December 18, 1999

   In college, I began getting very painful urinary infections that would not go away.  A girlfriend of mine urged me to see Joe after going to 13 different ear, nose, & throat specialists that could not help me.

   All 13 doctors (MD’s) were unable to tell me the cause of these infections.  They did, however, continue to prescribe stronger and stronger antibiotics to the point where I was taking steroids.  The condition worsened, the pain increased and I had no energy left.

   Two weeks after seeing Joe I felt great!  Not only did my ear infections clear up, but I had more energy and I seldom catch colds.  It’s been close to four years (wow) since I first met Joe, and I continue to feel great.

   I came to see Joe today not because I am sick, but because I want to feel good all time.  Every one of them has the flu but I don’t because of Joe and it’s going to stay that way (!)

I will never be able to thank Joe enough for riddening me of my pain and giving me control of my health and life.  I am also grateful to him for helping my sister, fiancee, his cousin, and both his parents with their conditions.

                                                        Joe – Thank you!

                                                                   Thank you!

                                                             For all that you do!

                                                                Love,  Zulema