Yeast, Allergies, Joint Pain, Fatigue

                                                            January 13, 2006

I first came to see Joe in 1998 –I had multiple symptoms –yeast, fatigue, etc.  But nobody could get rid of.  I didn’t even know all the things that were bothering me – until Joe helped me get rid of them all – I could breathe so deeply!  I didn’t blow my nose all the time!  No yeast, no allergies, no joint pain, no fatigue…

Of course, I get lazy or I run out of money and fall into bad habits…  And soon I’m back to see Joe.  Will I ever learn?  I hate the Western Medical doctors who think I’m crazy – I love that Joe understands and knows how to make me feel better.  He gives me hope – even when he yells at me.

         Thanks Joe!

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