Sometimes things appear so bizarre, and out of reality that I am a god fearing man and what I saw with my daughter is uncanny.  My daughter had suffered from asthma since birth.  She had been suffering for a few months to the point where she was unable to move!  I brought her to Joe and he gave her herbs that night. The following day it was gone!!  And since then has not had it once.

                                       Believe it or not!!

                   Joe uses a technique that works and gets people well

                          God bless Joe McSweyn’

                                            Jorge  11-10-04

One Response to Asthma

  1. Jenessa Gonzalez says:

    Hey Joe!
    I’m the little girl that my father mentioned in this testimony and I must say, my asthma has decreased dramatically within the last few years but it still persists even today. I never felt better than I did when I took the herbs and I’d like to start them up again. They were an incredible miracle!

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