Irregular Heartbeats



I have to write these lines!

You fixed my problem!!!  You probably don’t know how much I appreciate it.  Imagine that I can look into my future with confidence that if anything goes wrong with my body I can come to you.

My PAC (premature atrial contraction) or irregular heartbeats have been disappearing for the last three weeks after seven months of treatment.  This is my 6th visit with you.  The amazing thing is that my western in the heart specialist advised me to learn to live with it for the rest of my life after he treated me for almost three months.  The medicine he gave me instead of correcting the heartbeats it lowered my blood pressure!  Even causes bad, undesired effects like gum disease etc.


You’ve cured the problem that western medicine can’t!

I and all members of my family sincerely thank you for this truly remarkable result.

                                                               Thanks, Dao Nu

                                                               Sacramento, Ca.

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